About Us

The Beginning . . .

BKB Construction, Inc. was started in 1995 when the three founding members decided they could provide all the services offered by the “big” construction companies without sacrificing the personal touch and attention to detail that larger companies tend to overlook. It was then decided to target all of the smaller, independently owned pulp and paper mills and offer them superior service at a fair price.

Currently . . .

Currently BKB Construction, Inc. is owned solely by William (Bill) Murphy. Its corporate headquarters is located in Lena, Wisconsin. Throughout the years our original philosophy has carried through, and BKB Construction, Inc.. continues to provide unsurpassed service at a reasonable price. In the last few years — in addition to offering installation, maintenance, and alignment services to its customers — BKB has become the largest paper machine removal contractor in North America. We have completed in excess of 33 paper machine removals, offering successful packaging for domestic as well as international shipping.

William (Bill) Murphy, President/Owner

William (Bill) Murphy